Releasing code, time to stress out!

Arno van Rossum
7 June 2018

Solve it!

The way to solve your problems is continuous deployment, there is nothing more satisfying than committing code on Friday at 17:30, pushing it to production and going home without a concern.

  • Feature branching, do trunk based development, this removes problems like “code locks” and reduces merge issues.
  • Big bang releases, work with small code batches only, make sure they are rigorously tested and deploy batches to production. This reduces deployment pain and stress. If something is broken, it must be from the last small change deployed.
  • Automate Deployment, deploying code is a repetitive task, computers are good at that.
  • Configuration Management in version control, When its in version control, you are able to run automated tests on it, to see if you system still works with the latest configuration change.
  • Build quality in! Write tests for everything, it is cheaper to detect issues with your code beforehand, fixing problems afterwards is expensive.

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